Reply To: Awen & Me


    Great input, thanks – This is turning into a really interest conversation.

    Hello again. Yes, it is turning into an interesting discussion.

    Turning back to our discussion, I suppose it comes back to the old question of a rose by any other name. However, I prefer to use the Cornish, Breton, and Welsh words in their original senses, and in the way they are still used and understood by speakers of those languages today. I think that if we are going to use words and phrases from given cultures, then we owe it to those cultural communities to be careful with the way we use their languages, all the more so given the precarious state the Celtic languages are in. I’m not trying to tell anyone else what to do, but it’s my own outlook or philosophy on this.

    I’m not against innovation and new developments, far from it, but I am against things being passed off for what they’re not and, unfortunately, when it comes to Celtic spirituality, it has far too often been some kind of a free-for-all, ergo Tolkien’s quip about the magic bag. Sadly, we have in many cases Iolo’s work, along with Graves’s The White Goddess, to thank for this.