Reply To: Awen & Me

True Owl

    Hi Dowrgi,

    Re: “I think nwyfre was one of the things our old friend Iolo Morganwg came up with in Barddas…” _Dowrgi

    That is correct & also not entirely correct – Iolo didn’t invent the word, it was already in use centuries before (meaning sky), and Iolo popularised the word, but also mistakenly changed its meaning. Iolo’s interpretation was taken up by the Ancient Druid Order, from which it was inherited by their offshoot, the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, who have popularised the ‘prana’ interpretation ever since.

    Rightly or wrongly, its just a term/label now that most people (in Druid circles, particularly OBOD) understand the meaning of : as in Life Force, or prana, chi, etc.

    Nwyfre is also mentioned in the Mabinogi tale of Culhwch and Olwen as the father of Gwyn, ‘white,’ and Fflam,‘flame.’ That father of Gwyn is usually given as Nudd, the Silver-armed god of warriors and healing. Is Nwyfre, then, an alternative name for Nudd? After all, Nwyfre means ‘sky’ and Nudd is from a root meaning ‘cloud, or mist.’ _Greywolf. (Bard Booklet 8).