Reply To: Awen & Me

True Owl

    Hi Dowrgi,

    There is a good explanation of Awen & Nwyfre on the OBOD website, as follows :

    “There is a difference between the inspiration of Awen – that comes to us in flashes, waves, streams of clarity, insight and creativity – and the energy of Nwyfre. Nwyfre is the life-force that flows through our bodies, giving us health and vitality. Nwyfre is like the prana of yoga, or the Chi of the Taoists. Ideally, Nwyfre flows strongly through us at all times. Awen, however, visits us like a cool breeze, a ray of sunshine, the gift of rain, which arrives as a blessing, and then leaves us again.

    Constancy is not a characteristic of Awen – by its nature it comes and goes. But it is our job to encourage it to come more often.

    You can’t make the wind blow, but you can go outside when you see it blowing, and turn your face to it, and feel it sweeping over and through – blowing away sadness and tiredness – cleansing you – energising you.

    You can’t make the wind blow, but you can make sure you don’t stay in stuffy rooms too long. You can go to places you know are windy. It’s the same with Awen – by its nature it comes from outside you, so you can’t control it, or switch it on whenever you want some of it. But you can make sure you place yourself in circumstances where it is more likely to visit you.” _Philip Carr-Gomm.

    I would add the link, but found that I have trouble posting with that included.