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Dave the Druid

    Evening Dowrgi,

    That, Satan thing, was not the worst thing I was called that day. It was just an illustration of sorts. I guess it took on a life of it’s own.

    I treat , biblical wisdom, with same care I treat all religious texts. First I put on welding gloves and mask. Then I pick up a 3 meter long cattle prod and open the tome.

    You forget the premise, which is someone acts on me in a negative way and suffers repercussions. I want to make this absolutely clear. I do not curse anyone. If anything it is a reflective event. ( I have had occasion to do unto others, then split. That is for more examination at later time.)

    I’m firmiliar with some of those curse tablets. Instructive but not terribly useful. Bloody Romans, every time that is brought up I recall reading the roman account.

    Peace and Harmony
    Dave the Druid