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    Evening Dave,

    I was just adding to the slight development in this thread in which you wrote that some had accused you of being a “friend of Satan”, and upon which Angela commented, too, that was all.

    As for the biblical wisdom, well, I think one has to discern what is myth, what is historical, what is purely symbolic and so on, all the while bearing in mind the historical context, issues with translation and possible interpolations in what is actually a corpus of very different books with very different traditions accompanying them.

    As for the cause and effect relationship, unless you have deliberately cursed someone in that you have called upon some supernatural power to bring ill luck to someone, if you believe that’s even possible, which you say you haven’t anyway, then I really don’t think there is any cause and effect relationship in what you describe.

    Nevertheless, we know that our Celtic ancestors did this, many curse tablets have been found in places such as Bath, however, we don’t know what the results were. I also imagine that our desperate ancestors brought down curses on the invading Roman legions and implored their deities to intervene and save them, obviously it didn’t work, and/or the deities weren’t listening.