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    I’m from the West and I’m afraid to say I’ve never heard anyone say that. I may be wrong, but I don’t think it’s some ancient piece of wisdom that’s been handed down over the generations. On the other hand, I have heard people express feelings of awe and temerity with regard to anyone perceived as having some kind of second sight or mystic aura about them – sort of along the lines of “Don’t cross him or her …” I’ve also heard people say things such as “they had it coming to them” or, of a particularly unpleasant person, “the sun won’t shine on him/her”; the latter, I believe was a kind of curse that was once indeed taken quite seriously in Cornwall.

    One taboo, so to speak, that I have indeed heard of an experienced is that of avoiding any mention of the little people by their direct names – better always to refer to them as the fair folk, the good people, the little people or the grey folk and so on, and never, never, speak ill of them. I was once admonished by an elderly relative, perhaps half in jest – but not completely – for mentioning the fair folk with the wrong name. On the other hand, I’m always of the opinion that they do look after their own and those who are friendly and respectful to them.