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Angela Lawton

    Thanks Dowgri I had a quick look online and saw that she was imprisoned in Bodmin Jail in Cornwall. I’ve been there too and must say it is a very dark and oppressive place with a definite spiritual presence, I felt a spirit touching my arm whilst in there and said so to my daughters. We didn’t know anything about the jail at the time but bought a guide book and read it after our visit and it said a few people felt someone touching their arm at that particular place in the jail. It’s a very foreboding place..
    At least old Joan has been put to rest now and I suppose the keeping of deceased bones is on a par with the Catholic church keeping relics of Saints, which leads me to believe that the spirit can become attached to physical bodily parts. I for one want to be cremated and I’m not donating any of my organs as I don’t want to be tied to this plane by any earthly remnains. Let the spirit go free I say.