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Simon Robson

    When I myself have written books with the title witch in them I have always focused on nature and the Earth and the use of simple easy to get items for magick. I however was not writing on wiccan. In reality what witchcraft is depends on the individual because its an overused word: when occultists are beheaded they always seem to say that a witch has been killed. It has become a catch all word. I personally think that witches favour nature in their magick. Druids I don’t write a publisher mentioned the word druid on an early book and it stirred up quite a stir among druids of the time they do not understand that once a publisher has the copyright they can do almost whateveer they want and that includes advertising descriptions: In fact that book concentrated on celtic deities and that was all. The occultist is easy to describe because although an occultist need not be a satanist an occultist must know dark magick and to me is probably a practitioner with a varied set of spirts, devils whatever that he uses. The definitions sometimes get in the way of the magick. I must say though I class witchraft as new agey and that isn’t my stuff I have written 602 books and maybe a few on witchcraft so not much of them at all.