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Dave the Druid

    Peace and Harmony to all.
    There is a field spotters guide to modern paganism out on the web. It’s good for a laugh.
    Our wiccan sisters may be similar in their beliefs to ours at least in the natural focus and connection. There I think the similarities end. The Druid goes to a Grove to practice ritual the Wiccan goes to the alter.
    I am happy to meet any other pagan and discuss belief paths. If we do it right we come out stronger knowing that there others who share similar beliefs.
    I generally get a slightly cocked head when I give them the , Peace and Harmony blessing. I chanced to meet a fellow Druid, ADF. And he felt that my words were appropriate for a Druid.
    I’ve been doing this for 30 years, yes I am that old, and one thing I have learned is that people are touchy about their beliefs. Respect to all, allegiance to none. Tough to reconcile with being a member of this order but I chose this path. Lately I have been considering the idea that this path choose me. Another time perhaps.

    Peace and Harmony
    Dave the Druid