Reply To: How’s everyone getting on with the Ovate Course?


    I’ll look at the spoons post, sounds interesting.
    I’ve been lucky to be able to spend a lot of time in our local woodland during the course, there’s nothing like it, it’s been key to all of it for me. I used to do so much more herbalism, mostly teas and poultices, but this is years ago, and I’ve really neglected that, I think. It’s strange, it used to be daily stuff for me then, time to get back into it, I reckon.
    I have mostly used runes from the elder Futhark for divination and ritual use, and I like them, they’re comfy. I made a set of ogham staves all from an ash twig I found and the carving is SHOCKINGLY bad, but they are starting to feel a lot more ‘me’.
    I have rosemary and mint in pots in the back yard, I’ve spent a lot of time in there just cleaning it up and starting to grow bits of things, got a compost heap and a bug habitat going over summer.
    Glad you’re enjoying the journey 🙂 I am, too.