Reply To: How’s everyone getting on with the Ovate Course?


    Hello there Eadha,

    Our paths in the great forest cross again. I’m glad to know that you’re getting on well. I also understand what you mean about thinking poetically about everything, in short, me as well.

    I’ve been working more on the meditation side of things and also getting out in nature and herbalism. I have a small garden of herbs, mint, rue, chilli peppers – not so red hot 😀 – wild garlic, and thyme. I’m trying to cultivate some rosemary, too, from cuttings and I also have some aloe vera. The subject of herbalism is so vast, I think it’s best to start working with what you know and then build it up from there. Other than that, I’ve been investigating divination spoons – there’s a post on that in this forum, and also working with the booklets, as is par for the course, if you pardon the pun.

    I also have the Druid Oracle (animals) and the Celtic Shaman’s Pack as well as a nice set of Ogham staves in the corresponding woods and the, of course, the Ogham cards that I printed, cut out and glued! What I’ve been trying to do is to integrate them and work with them together in sets of three. I must say, the readings have been quite eye-opening.

    Anyway, it’s nice to hear from you again, too.