Reply To: Attempts at Englyns (lesson 6)


    Hi Karin,

    Some nice poetry. You’re right, it is difficult and if we’re writing in English and trying to follow strict Welsh rhythm, rhyme, assonance and metre, it’s going to be tricky. The stressed syllables in words are important, too, they give the rhythm to the lines and verses, so when I was working on these for the Bardic Course, one thing I learnt was to avoid longer words in English, sticking to 1-2 syllables, perhaps 3 at the most, and read aloud continuously as you write. Often something sounded good in the moment of writing, next day it sounded terrible! 😀

    Here’s one I wrote while I was doing the Bardic Course – to the noble Blackbird.

    Noble Blackbird
    Englyn Lledfbroest

    Blackbird you’re a noble bird,
    Calling out to one and all.
    Blackbird why do you reveal
    Yourself when the huntsmen stalk?

    Blackbird when your cry is heard,
    In woodland, hedge or over wall,
    Hunters hunting for their meal
    Are foiled by your chattered talk.

    Not by poem nor by word,
    But by song no beast shall fall.
    What’s your secret, why your zeal?
    Tricking hunter, hounds and hawk.

    Blackbird by your song are stirred,
    Forest folk who hear your squall,
    Blackbird play your forest reel,
    Huntsmen in the woodland stalk.