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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awens to All:

    Today is Samhain and that is the Dark Part of the Year and this is the Sacred Sabbath that I write about some of the Dark Issues of Life.

    During the Past Year, there have been a lot of issues concerning Racism with the Black Lives Matter Movement that brought about a lot of Vandalism & Violence so I decided to making Racism the subject for this Samhain’s 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition.

    So here it Goes –

    The 2021 Samhain 3X3 Triad Poem on Racism:

    Racism Is Based On:
    – Color,
    – Language,
    – And Culture Of That Race.

    Racism Has Existed:
    – In The Past,
    – During The Present,
    – And Will Go On Into The Future.

    Racism Does Not Exist Within:
    – The Trees,
    – Plants,
    – And Herbs.


    Colors Of The Races:
    – White,
    – Black,
    – And Yellow.

    Languages Communicate:
    – Needs,
    – Wants,
    – Or Desires.

    Cultures Can Be:
    – Benevolent,
    – Sociable,
    – Or Intolerant.


    In The Past Racism Was A Defence Against:
    – Outside Invaders,
    – Pillagers,
    – And Members Of Conquering Armies.

    Racial Intolerances Has Existed:
    – Between Tribes,
    – In Countries,
    – And Within Continents.

    Racism Is Perpetrated By:
    – Black Negros,
    – Yellow Asians,
    – As Well As White Caucasians.

    Dave TheDruid-3X3