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Simon Robson

    Most of my books are hands on magick using my own system. In my system something more like a ritual is done with words. Doorway entities are used to open doorways so that the main entity or entities can come through, they are then told what we want them to do and they agree and depart and we get the doorway being to shut the doorway again. But there are just under 600 books, writing 599th now. But there are lots of books with stuff I barely remember. These days I need to refer to my own books. They tend to make theoretical occultists: people that read occult books but not longer work the magick; into proper occultists again. Some people have thought I am part alien or an ascended master because the number of books on occultism I have written is a world record: no one in history has ever written that number of books on that subject in history meaning I have literally done something the other 104 billion people who ever lived were unable to do. The truth is probably is boring I am just a guy writing books that writes and does magick a lot. People can do much more than they think they can if they just let themselves and do not let themselves and the notion of what is possible and impossible get in the way. I write under the name S Rob.