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Angela Lawton

    Thanks for the replies guys| I’ve been back on the Ceile De website and can’t find the passage where Sister Fionntulach said she was going to carry out activities to grow her soul I’m sure I didn’t misread it, she does say the teachings will give you tools to help facilitate inner growth. Ceile De is not bound by the Bible and The Old Testament where the creation story says that on the sixth day God declares his intention to make a being in his own image which is saying we are already Divine so there is nothing to strive for.
    However I believe that reincarnation was part of the belief system of the early Christians and there are clues in The Old and New Testament that point to this for instance in The Gospel of John there is the recounting of Mary Magdalene going to the tomb looking for Jesus’s body. She doesn’t recognise him and mistakes him for the gardener until he calls her by name and then she says “Rabbouni” which means teacher. This suggests to me that Jesus was appearing in the spirit and not in the physical body hence the reason she didn’t recognise him until he speaks. Also Christianity makes a lot more sense if reincarnation is part of the belief system and you replace the word sin for karma.