Reply To: Awen & Me


    Metaphorically, for me, the Nine Maidens attend the cauldron of inspiration at the centre of all things and from which the awen comes forth like mist or the vapour bubbling up from the primordial elements of creation. The awen is in all things and all around us and in ourselves, like breath or the air, we connect with it all the time unawares. I think the tuning into the awen, to use a more modern turn of phrase, is becoming aware and connected again – lifting the veils, so to speak. There is no separation, we create that ourselves. This world and the otherworld co-exist like circles that move around a centre point – the cauldron. Sometimes, these circles overlap completely, sometimes they barely touch, but they are always in contact. The cauldron is in the centre, the awen is what permeates both worlds and when we connect with it, we become part of both.