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Mark Scales

    I have now read the Runic Inscriptions Books and this was very enlightening so appreciate the recommendation.
    I am still sticking with tarot readings ad-hoc until I can give the runes the time they deserve.
    I am doing a lot of reading at the moment and I have just now finished ‘The Religion of the Ancient Celts’ by J.A. MacCulloch, which was a very detailed but insightful read with a lot to take in.
    I am now moving onto ‘Beowulf’ by Seamus Heaney before moving onto ‘The Iliad’. Both picked up on eBay through private sellers. I also picked up a great book by Greywind entitled ‘The Voice within the Wind’, which gave I thought a very interesting take on life as a Druid. All this whilst studying and I don’t know where my days go but nevertheless I am greatly enjoying the experience.
    My kindest regards to everyone