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    Hi Mark,

    Hmmm … doesn’t sound very welcoming, does it? Oh well, here are some tips I’d offer:

    1) Read and listen to epic ancient poetry, the Iliad and Beowulf in poetic translations; read them aloud so as to get the feel for the rhythm. I feel that bards were also a bit like modern rappers, in a sense.
    2) Learn your own material and practise it – you could record yourself and be your own director, so to speak.
    3) Listen to Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas – the BBC versions with Richard Burton’s narration are fantastic.
    4) Why not enrol in your local amateur dramatics society, or find one online? If you can do a convincing Hamlet, you should be all right! :-D

    and …

    5) Don’t allow yourself to be put off by others.