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    Hello again Angela,

    That’s all right, there’s no harm in having a discussion about things and trying to be objective in terms of the topic. If someone does not believe in any of this, well, I suppose it’s a waste of time in effect actually trying to discuss it. For the argument’s sake, acknowledging that there is indeed something beyond our ken, then I’d say that a lot of what I see online and on television is not good. People wandering around supposedly haunted sites with recorders and electronic devices “provoking” the spirits, so to speak, or, worse still, attempting some form of séance or spirit contact, yet not actually following any of the established protocols for doing it, which those who do believe in this also believe to be just a tad risky.

    From a druidic point of view, I’d say leave the spirits alone and they’ll leave you alone. When you go to a place, you can usually pick up on the atmosphere anyway, make peace with the spirits of the place and if you feel unwelcome, move on. In any case, what right do we the living have to disturb those beyond the veil merely to satiate are own hunger for knowledge, perhaps a little rooted in our own existential doubts and fears?