Reply To: The New BDO Bardic Course


    As someone who has completed the Bardic Course and is now doing the Ovate Course, I think I might be able to offer some assistance.

    How is your Courses Intensive, Demanding and deal with Unusual Areas of Experience?

    This is of course subjective, however, the Bardic Course does require a fair bit of coursework and there are many exercises to do and offer feedback on, furthermore, pieces of work are required for submission and evaluation at the end of the course. However, you have as much time as you require to work through the materials. The materials themselves cover quite a lot of topics and areas that not everyone will necessarily be familiar with.

    Shouldn’t such Courses being Enlightening, Informative and Spiritually Uplifting instead?

    Do Buddhist monks, just for an example, not put in many years of meditation in order to reach their goals of enlightenment? Did ancient Druids not study for up to twenty years? I feel that the courses are enlightening, informative and spiritually uplifting, but it would be dishonest to say that there’s no “hard work” involved either, anyway, I think you appreciate it more when you’ve worked hard at something, whatever it may be.

    And the I do not like the thought that after laying down my Hard Earned $$$$ that my Course could end up being Withdrawn for whatever Trivial Issue that might pop up is unsettling to me.

    I don’t think you’ve understood what was meant. By reserving the “right to withhold or withdraw admission” it’s not saying that you’ll be made to leave the course for any trivial issue, it’s saying that in certain circumstances for the wellbeing of all concerned, the BDO does not feel that the courses may be suited to everyone and they reserve the right to refuse admission, i.e. being accepted for the course. This is by no means unique to the BDO. Of course, the BDO does also have rules of behaviour and ethics and I don’t think it’s unreasonable that in certain circumstances, in violation of these, that someone may be asked to leave – again, this is by no means unique to the BDO.

    Also, do I get to Choose my Tutor. Right now, I am on good terms with Joanna Van Derhoeven so I would Love to do Druid Training with her as my Tutor/Sponsor. I would prefer Emma Restall-Orr, but she is now Practicing Solitarily and does not do Tutor anymore.

    As far as I know, the tutors are BDO tutors and/or elders. I don’t think non-BDO persons are going to be involved in the BDO.

    There is of course, I believe, the option to try out the first booklet and see how it feels and then continue. I don’t think the course costs very much either to be honest, especially not in terms of what you’re getting in return.

    Anyway, I hope that sheds some light on things for you.