Reply To: The New BDO Bardic Course

Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Having recently paid off ALL of my Debts, I can now afford to Register for the Courses so I looked at the Course Description and found this:
    “Our courses are intensive, demanding, and deal with unusual areas of experience. They are, therefore, not suitable for everyone and we reserve the right to withhold or withdraw admission to them where we deem this to be necessary to safeguard the well-being of the individual and/or the BDO and its membership.”

    How is your Courses Intensive, Demanding and deal with Unusual Areas of Experience?

    Shouldn’t such Courses being Enlightening, Informative and Spiritually Uplifting instead?

    And the I do not like the thought that after laying down my Hard Earned $$$$ that my Course could end up being Withdrawn for whatever Trivial Issue that might pop up is unsettling to me.

    Also, do I get to Choose my Tutor. Right now, I am on good terms with Joanna Van Derhoeven so I would Love to do Druid Training with her as my Tutor/Sponsor. I would prefer Emma Restall-Orr, but she is now Practicing Solitarily and does not do Tutor anymore.