Reply To: Bardic Course 11 – Exercise 1 Your Hero Journey

True Owl

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry if I am speaking out of turn here – Hope you don’t mind me giving some thoughts on your question on writing a personal myth.

    I’ve put this list together that might assist you in some small way :

    – Contemplate your own life story, including family matters since child-hood.

    – Write down your life story, using sub-headings for the categories below (or if possible, into the six stages as mentioned in Bardic 11) :

    – Fill out your background history : Place of birth, birth date, history of the place, family beliefs – social attitudes of the time & upbringing, with brothers & sisters.

    – Identify your family rituals through the years (birthdays, marriage, children, school, college, University, work, holidays, retirement, funerals).

    – Identify responsibilities that changed in your life as you grew up.

    – Write down any dreams or ambitions, and the impact they’ve had on your life – include successes & failures.
    Could also include interests & hobbies, etc.

    – Religious beliefs through time and how they have personally changed for you and affected your life, & the impact on your family, (ie. I grew up in a Christian family, but to my parents horror, in my teens, I changed to the ways of a nature based religion / druidry).

    – Look at how your work has progressed / changed over the years (the positions held in the past, as to those of the present – Career goals met, or not met).

    – Major events that have influenced your life, and any big changes made in your life because of them.

    – Memories – Looking back as you grow older & how things / society have changed (some things for the worse, some for the better!).

    Hope that is of help to you.