Reply To: Introduction

True Owl

    Hi Bennathow & Mark,

    Thank you for your welcomes – its great to hear from you.

    Mark, its good to hear that you are progressing well in your course & learning new skills along the way.

    Yesterday, I ordered the book ‘The Mabinogion’, translated by Sioned Davies.
    I have read many moons ago the Charlotte Guest version, so it would be good to read this updated version, which I have heard is very good. I’m looking forward to receiving the book.

    This other book also takes me back – I was reading the recommended book list, & the title ‘Celtic Heritage: Ancient Tradition in Ireland and Wales’ by Alwyn & Brinley Rees is a brilliant book, that I read in my teenage years (when I was about 18) – I remember I found it all absolutely fascinating – This book helped me & spurred me onto the Celtic path.

    I’ve been filling out my Journal as suggested for the course – luckily I have been keeping journals in the past, so its not new. But, it is certainly good to look back on them & see how one has progressed over a period of time.

    I’ve uploaded my ‘True Owl’ avatar (as you can see) – I love owls, and that is me, with glasses, reading in the moonlight.

    I’ve now started reading the Story of Taliesin in the Bardic course work – I had read this book many years ago (when I was in my early twenties), so its good to read it afresh. It is amazing that after all these years since I read it, it seems to be coming back to me & in a new light.

    Many blessings on your path,