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Dave TheDruid-3X3

Awens to All:

This is my 3X3 Triad of Wisdom for 2021 Lughnasad and upon deciding to go Solitary and Reclusive with my Nature Worshipping Beliefs, I decided to see if there is any good Druidistic Reading Material on the subject of Practicing Solitary and happened upon the Book ‘Awens Along’ by Joanna Van Der Hoeven.

I found Joanna’s Book to be quite Insightful, so my 2021 Lughnasad is Complimentary to Joanna’s Book and has Triads that are taken from her Book as well as a couple I created myself on Solitary Practices of Ancient Celtic Druids.

It Goes:

The Solitary Druid Is:
– Free Of Social Conventions,
– Restrictions,
– And Dogmatic Attitudes.

Solitary Druidistic Inspirations Flows From:
– Deity,
– Nature,
– Or From Where Ever You Choose.

A Solitary Druid Works To Find:
– Balance,
– Harmony,
– And Truth.


Solitary Druids Revere The Ancestors:
– Of Blood,
– Place,
– And Tradition.

Spirits Of Place Acknowledge Those Who Built:
– Our Houses,
– Villages,
– And Towns.

Ancestors Of Tradition Hold The Similar:
– Beliefs,
– Morals,
– And Attitudes.


Solitary Druids Always Get To Enjoy:
– Peace,
– Tranquility,
– And The Wonders Of Nature However They Like.

Solitary Rituals Are Shared With The Spirits Of The:
– Land,
– Ancestors,
– And The Gods Of Their Wish.

When Doing Ritual As A Solitary Druid:
– One Can Fart,
– Belch,
– And Swear Without Offending Anyone.

Dave TheDruid-3X3