Reply To: Introduction

True Owl

    Hi everyone,

    A bit more about myself – I am 62 years young, married to a wonderful wife, and have two grown up children, which have flown the nest. One of which (our eldest daughter) has made us very proud Grandparents, to a lovely little chap, who just turned one a couple of months ago.

    I like playing the guitar and listening to a variety of music. I also enjoy reading and learning all things new, which help me on my path.  
    I love all things nature – the land, the trees, the rivers & streams, the sky, animals & birds (Owls being my favourite).

    In reference to the BDO Bardic course, it is interesting that it asks you to create a ‘Worry bag’ with three items on it – very apt, so here are mine :

    1. Strange ! But I do feel apprehensive about starting a course with a different Druid Order.

    2. I have a high expectation of myself, as I have previously completed the Bard, Ovate & Druid grades with the New Order of Druids (No pressure then. LOL !).

    3. I know a lot more about Irish myths, and actually not very much about the Welsh sources – but I guess, that’s why I’m here !


    Jules (True Owl).