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david poole

    I agree that backstabbing is a common problem in human culture and unfortunately within spiritual culture as well; we would be more spiritual without this. I have no particular problem with Satanism as a path, although I cannot see how it has much of a connection with nature, which I would define as being an essential element of pagan and Druidic philosophy; depending upon one’s commitment to this principle, I can see how it would take you further away from a more abstract theistic stance. I have read of Satanists being attacked by Christians, I would say that this is unfortunate and puts Satanism into a similar bracket as paganism and Druidry, which also need to be wary of Christianity and this is regrettable, we need more understanding of paganism and Druidry as faiths. From my understanding of it Satanism is opposed to the Christian god and is not actually paganism as such, or polytheism