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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Found This:

    This was the First Time I have ever Heard His Voice.

    He goes into his 9 Month Brief Membership with the Church of Satan and states that ended in a Big Falling Out. It was during those 9 Months that he did the Satanis Documentary. It is because of his mentioning The Big Falling Out that explains why nothing of that Church is mentioned in the Essential Guide to Druidism.

    He does some various Rants that although there are loads of Nice Peaceful NeoPagans, there are loads of Elitists who let their Egos ruin everything with their Back Stabbing.

    I know about Back Stabbing which is a Problem with Human Behavior that Bobcat mentions several times in her ‘Living With Honor – A Pagan Ethics’.

    It is now because of Her Example and things happening like what has happened to Isaac that I am now Practicing my Druidistic Spiritualism a lot more Solitarily.

    One thing he went into was how he Complains about the School System of the United States being Deliberately Underfunded in order to create an Illiterate Society and how he was Upset about the Children being deprived of a Full Education.

    He called it a Conspiracy to keep the Future Generation Dumbed Down so that there would not be another Massive Social Movement like what happened in the 1960s with the Hippy Pro-Peace Movement.