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    It’s nice to feed birds and provide them with water and my family have always done this, however, there are some pros and cons with it all – sometimes even well-intentioned actions can be harmful. Once you start feeding the birds, you have to commit to it and this can run the risk of the birds becoming too reliant on you as a food source, so, as Angela has pointed out, once you create the food and water source, you take on the responsibility of maintaining it. It’s a good idea to look up what kinds of bird feeder and what kinds of feed are best suited to your area and local species. Another important thing is to make sure that bird baths and feeders are hygienic and cleaned or replaced regularly as by encouraging a lot of species to one spot, you could inadvertently be creating a hotspot for disease; this is important for yours and the birds’ health. Clear old feed off bird tables, keep tables, baths and feeders clean and remember to wash your hands/wear gloves and take appropriate hygiene measures yourself. The RSPB website has a lot of useful information about the best practices to adopt when feeding birds. With all the concreting over gardens, chopping down trees, cats, garden pesticides and general habitat destruction that has been so disastrous for bird populations, they do need all the help they can get. It’s also a druidic/Celtic/folklore belief that people may be reincarnated as birds, so there’s some feed for thought.