Reply To: Casting a circle


    Hello there,

    This is what I do, broken down into steps. Feel free to ignore this completely if you so wish. 🙂

    1. Make sure that I am clean, as in showered, focuses and with clean clothes. 🙂
    2. Make sure the place to be used is clean and tidy. I find that focusing on the cleaning and tidying is also very meditative. If this is outside, then tidying up litter or generally showing a bit of respect for the place in question is part of it all in my book.
    3. “Clean the unseen” – music, incense, meditation and so on. I usually use the incense to clean and bless the four directions – working clockwise.
    4. From the middle space, I salute the spirits of the four cardinal points, moving clockwise and beginning in the East. The scope with me is meditative, the aim being to unite the four directions and four elements with the unifying fifth direction and element of spirit. I hope that make some sense. I usually use variations of this formula: “Spirit(s) of the East, where the sun rises, purify, bless and protect this me/this space/etc.”
    5. Deal with whatever is to be focused on, with me, at the moment, it’s a lot of meditation, so I would also recommend a mat or something comfortable to sit on.
    6. The closing is the same as the opening, in a sense, but moving anti-clockwise.
    7. Remember to close and be thankful.
    8. If this is outside somewhere, please tidy up afterwards. The only thing you should leave is the odd footprint and the only thing you should “take” is the positive energy! I find it very depressing when places are left with litter, candle wax, generally trashed and whatnot – I don’t think that’s in the spirit of things.

    It’s a good idea to have a compass or to know the exact directions of the space you’re working in.

    This is very generic, I know, but I hope it gives you something at least to think about.