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    I’m late to this party, so I hope that you pick this up, Rebecca. One of the best storytellers I know, with a repertoire of many 1000s of traditional stories, is also possibly the most dyslexic person I know. She is the inheritor of a Jewish tradition, a Drut’syla, passed down orally from grandmother to granddaughter. The drut’syla repertoire comprises twelve interlinked cycles, each of several hundred tales.

    To give you an idea, she prefers phone to text and facebook message, because she struggles to read and respond, although she can joke about the hilarity of her responses. If I write to her, I make sure to include her husband.


    In order to get audio versions of text stories, I often use text to speech converters. They are not always the best intonation but they can make life easier.

    LibreVox also publish copyright free audio books similar to Project Gutenberg… you can find a fair few collections of folk tales there