Reply To: Just saying hello …


    Hello Greywolf,

    Thank you for your kind words. I haven’t been posting much lately because, what with one thing or the other, I’ve been a bit snowed under with the more mundane aspects life, i.e. working for a living! 😀

    I agree with yours, Philip Carr-Gomm’s and others’ direction, and I fully understand Professor Hutton’s point of view. The way I look at it as that the Druids, Bards and Ovates of old, if we are to believe what was written about them, were seekers and keepers of truth, so going out birdwatching and trying to learn to recognise the songs of different birds, reading a book on botany or studying astronomy and “modern” sciences are fully in tune with what druidry is about as much so as is working the ancient myths and legends. Since I was a small child I’ve been trying to work out how dinosaurs all fit into everything! 😀 My own point of view is that everything, and by that I mean every little thing, is all part and parcel of one great whole and if only the human race could recognise that, the world would most likely be a better place and we’d all be a lot happier – dispensing with the superficial, illusory and materialistic and focusing on the core essence of that which is “real”. I think I need a cup of tea now …