Reply To: Issues with remembering…


    Hi Rebecca,
    Dowgri’s right: don’t worry. Our courses are designed to be used differently by each student. The reason we put so much into them is because we know that everyone is different, which means that some of what’s in the courses will be right for you but not everything will. Go with where your own awen takes you. Follow those threads first and don’t warry about the rest. You have the courses forever and can always come back to parts later when they might have gained new relevance for you.
    That said, I also find it easier to remember songs than just about anything else. Likewise, I understand your preference for hearing tales spoken. There’s nothing that quite compares with ‘live’ storytelling. We have plans to record the whole courses eventually, including the stories and poems. Till then, there are versions of some of the stories around. If you go to YouTube and type ‘mabinogion audiobook’ into their search engine you’ll find several versions and some very good introductions to the stories too. Most of the audiobook versions are, however, taken from the Lady Charlotte Guest version because it’s out of copyright. It is, however, not amazingly accurate and a bit clunky.
    For a dramatic retelling of the story with actors and music by the great Robin Williamson, type in ‘The Mabinogi (1984).’
    For a reading of the Sioned Davies translation that we use in the course, go to
    For spiritual songs, Robin Williamson and the Incredible String Band have been favourites of mine since the 1960s and still are. They’re not to everyone’s taste, but then what is?
    Also do an online search for videos featuring the band, Telling the Bees. Wonderful stuff.
    And as Dowgri says, you can always turn the stories into songs and remember them that way. That would be an amazing bardic exercise!
    Hope some of that helps.
    Many blessings,
    Greywolf /|\