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john welch

    This head-dress has a 5 spoked wheel which is not ban-the-bomb but may be ban-the-ballista weapon of Rome. Early Welsh pimp, Greek pente and Sanskrit panca means “five”.”Pandita was a title in Indian Buddhism awarded to scholars who have mastered the five sciences in which a learned person was traditionally supposed to be well-versed. The five sciences are: science of language , science of logic , science of medicine , science of fine arts and crafts , and science of spirituality . The stipulation can be traced to (but may well predate) the Mahavana, by Maitreya-Natha (ca. 270-350 CE), which states: “Without becoming a scholar in the five sciences, not even the supreme sage can become omniscient. For the sake of refuting and supporting others, and for the sake of knowing everything himself, he makes an effort in these [five sciences].”