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david poole

    In Ireland there is crossover between Pagan practices and Christian practices. I think that they have a lot of customs there which are still very pagan. In terms of deities, it should be noted that the Celtic Bride later became the Christian Saint Brigid, both are still followed today. I am not sure how the other members of the Tuatha De are generally regarded. I do know that Roman Catholicism is a serious influence in Ireland. There are mixed views regarding this amongst the current pagan community, due to the fact that Catholicism came from outside of Ireland and was introduced to it. This perception is not strictly Christianity’s fault as Ireland has had a troubled history and a lot of mistreatment, especially from Britain, who attempted to destroy the Irish culture and language. The robin is a very significant bird, I will have to look it up but I think it is typically associated with midwinter and rebirth.