Reply To: Basic task

Summer De Graffham

    Ceridwen was whole, a hag with no strife
    I, Gwion, grew inside precious new life
    As the adder and birch shed their treasured rich skin
    I too shed mine to re-birth from within
    A shining beacon to be born nine months later
    Ceridwen`s mood softened, my mother not hater
    My birth bag of leather enclosing my face
    Never to drown, as an ark for my race
    Reborn thrice over, a wielder of fate
    Taliesin I am! To challenge your hate!
    Look close to your Truth and the course of your actions
    Or Earth becomes cauldron and splits into fractions
    Your noxious brew fuelled by commerce and greed
    Drives your spurs in the hide of malevolent steeds
    The light of the world lies dying, untended
    Whilst your actions make recipes that should never be blended
    Do not be cadavers, blinded and idle
    With Plague, Greed and Hunger you should not sidle
    Should you fail to heed the point of this story
    Mankind will die as you kill all of Earth`s Glory.