Reply To: Basic task

Summer De Graffham

    Deepwater dog diving down to the Dark
    Snicker snack teeth, then bubbles and bark
    Her Truth is the fate of fierce backhanded welt
    As she lay on the bank being skinned for her pelt.

    Her gaze held; dimming fast her soul done
    Evaporating away as I leaped for the sun
    Swap scales for feathers, skylarking flyer
    I matched Knowledge to Wisdom and Pheonix fire
    Universe spirals, the playground of Gods
    Timeless, ancient as tracks of deer trods
    Singing my joy in an opal glazed skies
    Wind slicing wings reached etherial highs
    Eloquent grace I made good my escape
    Far below earth-man continued to rape
    Future was Past and Present was Now
    I saw with my Soul the health of Man`s cow!

    She is an eagle, she flies from a tether
    Attached to his arm is a thick glove of leather
    A toy for amusement, a regal disgrace
    Queen of the air out of time out of place
    Whispers of wind as she slices the air
    Talons miss judge tail by the breath of a hare
    A dive from the skies pursuit across heather
    Sweet bee crusted purples, Glorious 12th weather
    Her Truth is the fate of a shot splitting air
    Her crime? A raptor…. just being there

    Her gaze held; dimming with pain,
    No flying free over grouse moors again
    Queen of the birds, her predators curse
    A trophy, a gift lining a gamekeeper`s purse.
    I hid in plain sight in Lughnasadh corn
    As inwards my conscience did wail and mourn
    The wanton destruction of beauty and grace
    No veil on my eyes. No hidden disgrace
    Safety in millions of similar clones
    I relaxed, drew breath, tapped ancestral bones
    Blood met blood as ash met ashes
    Spectral memories with new age clashes
    For I was alone in an ocean of sand
    What difference could be made with the wave of one`s hand?

    She was a hen, as black as wet pitch
    Will I ever be free of this Samhain Witch?
    Domesticated, oppressed and grossly misused
    As a hen she is valued by what she produced
    Scratching the ground but not scratching the Earth
    Her nails were ragged, sterile children unbirthed
    A hot sliced half beak to peck at the corn
    Wing stubs featherless by her side hung forlorn
    Her Truth is the cries of creatures worldwide
    Songs mankind suffocates, ignores and denies
    Her gaze held; she pounced and I dissolved into Wonder
    Out of Time out of Place, witch’s womb, safe from plunder
    There I spun in the realms of the free
    Singing songs of lost Truths, riddling the Sidhe