Reply To: Basic task

Summer De Graffham

So sit you still and listen you good
For my tale will bring Memory and Thought to your blood!
Your bones will harden from dust to delight
Ashes reform into flesh on this night
For the words you hear are correct and true
Taliesin brings Mankind`s Prophecy to you!

Ceridwen is tired, a hard ridden hag
As she ponders the plight of her people gone bad
Light sucking ugliness, souls lost so deep
Blindness to beauty as Mother Earth weeps
Our prophecy begins by the mirror of the sky
Tranquility ruined by Greed`s raucous cry
Ceridwen peers dismayed and aloof
She will try to revive humanities Truth
Gathering about her the spells she will need
Hate, Envy, Destruction to the cauldron will bleed
The nature of mankind is a thrice noxious brew
A self-blinded cadaver in charge of her stew
For a year and a day to stoke of the fires
Entertained by tongues of half truths and liars
A veil of self ignorance obscuring his view
Mankind did just as he felt he should do
The flames hard roasted the ice capped potion
Past gaseous tipping points and tropical oceans
Corals were bleached, animals were vapourised
And still the truths from mankind were disguised
More fuel to the fire, stir thick and good
There`s money to burn when he runs out of woods!

Un noticed and small by the cadaver`s feet
Sits Childhood, a boy still innocent and sweet
His task is to stir, the blind ego`s shadow
To mimic and watch passage of Earth to the gallows
The desolate ruins are his to inherit
Whilst smiling gladly at his forefathers` merit
Ignorant to much that once would have been his
Lost word, lost songs replaced by “business”
Whispers in the air, the joy of the stars
Choked out by fumes and fouled by man`s cars
Smogs and deceits, pandemics and riots
With mankind at the helm a self centred pilot
A Pavlov`s response to the microwave “pings”
The child reaches up to grab plastic things
A thrice daily delivery of sugar and junk
Fake foods, additives, his health truly sunk
A tear from the Sun fell true, fast and clear
Liquid gold elemental caused the potion to sear
Molten fury the cauldron`s celestial whiplash
As scalding drops onto Gwion`s fingers quickly splashed
Three fine drops of Ceridwen`s spell
Reducing the last to a toxic residual well
The cauldron breached as a whale to the stars
As it escaped from is poison as two broken shards