Reply To: Basic task

Summer De Graffham

Ahh ok, so many small sections possibky, thank you…ok
The tale of Taliesin
Come hither, let me slip you away
‘Neath a lonely hawthorn in the Land of the Fae
Where the world is younger, our Past their Now
And a man is measured by the health of his cow.

Sit you still and listen you good
For my tale will bring memory and truth to your blood
Your bones will harden from dust to delight
Ashes reform into flesh on this night
For the words that you hear are correct and true
Hark! I bring the Tale of Taliesin to you!

In the land of the draig, iced fire and slate teeth
Rise to the stars, ancient heroes beneath
Verdent lush growth from sharp Summer rains
Arwenian prose awed attention gains
Our tale begins by the mirror of the skies
Tranquility marred by sea raven`s rough cries
Light sucking ugliness lending mothers to weep
But hey! What is this? MY AUDIENCE ASLEEP!
You cannot sustain your poor focussed attention
Once devoid of your dammed electronic inventions
Your minds are dimmed, your intelligence frail
As you struggle to think your own memory fails
Your instinct too deep, lack of knowledge is drastic
All Hazelnut Wisdom is encased in cheap plastic!
Your Truth is as raw as man`s destiny to deliver
Ghosts of bards wide eyed weep and shiver
The price is too high, the risk is too great
So a Modern Taliesin challenges your hate
A Political Bard reinvented, reborn
Some hope that mankind sees Aquarius` new dawn
If you fail to heed the point of this story
Mankind will die as too Mother Earth`s glory.