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    I have only just noticed this post, which I thought was going to be about left or rightwing politics. However, I think some ideas are being conflated here. Which particular “gender” one assigns to an abstract concept such as nature has little, I believe, to do with one’s political persuasion on the left or the right. I have always heard the term “Mother Nature” from people across the political spectrum, and many nature-oriented spiritual traditions tend to view “nature” or the Earth and so on in the feminine. We could be here all day and for ever discussing this. Indeed, depending on which language you speak, you may not even have a choice either because many languages assign grammatical gender to abstract concepts or “inanimate” things anyway – most European languages do this, including Celtic languages.

    In terms of politics themselves, I fail to see how anyone can really stay neutral in politics short of going to live as a hermit on a remote island or mountain somewhere – it’s just not possible if one is a member of a polity. I always think that the “I’m apolitical” argument is a bit of a cop out or case of washing one’s hands. Apathy can be just as potentially dangerous as any other political opinion – those who remain silent give consent.

    Finally, I am rather uncomfortable with your last comment, a bit of a non sequitur anyway. Sweeping generalisations do not make for strong arguments and what you have written effectively lumps nearly 2 billion individual human beings into one monolithic block who, according to you, enforce “Political Correctness” (whatever that actually means) on to others. I am sure you appreciate that many people might consider that to be a bit of a bigoted comment.