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    The Welsh Gorsedd, Cornish Gorsedh and Breton Gourzez are not neo-pagan/neo-druidic organisations, they are cultural and artistic organisations working with poetry, music and other forms of artistic and cultural expression. Having said that, they share, in a sense, a common thread of “ancestry” along with other organisations such as the (Ancient) Druid Order, OBOD and BDO – going back to the druid movements of the 18th and 19th centuries. The Welsh Gorsedd, Gorsedd Cymru (originally Gorsedd Beirdd Ynys Prydain) goes back to 1792 and was founded by Iolo Morganwg,

    Ross Nichols was connected with the Ancient Celtic Church in Brittany, he was ordained as an archdeacon in 1963. More recently, Anglican Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck in Saskatchewan, Canada – author of Christian Animism – is, I suppose, what one could call a Christian Druid. If you are interested, it may be worth looking him up.

    Thinking in more theological or spiritual terms, leaving aside what I call institutionalised theology, there’s nothing really in the message of Jesus Christ that is incompatible with modern druidry – at least on an ethical level. On a more spiritual/theological level, it has even been posited that the idea of a miraculous son, a sacrificed king, a triplicity of the godhead and resurrection/rebirth were ideas that very easily meshed or syncretised with pre-Christian Celtic ideas, although I would be cautious in that it is difficult to know really how much one set of ideas may have influenced the other seeing as we are drawing these notions from the texts written by Christians in a Christian world; how much our texts and folklore reflect pre-Christian belief and how much they are influenced by Christian belief is a vast subject indeed.

    The relationship between druidry and Christianity is long and complex, interwoven with the histories of the Celtic peoples and, at least in Britain and Ireland, I don’t think we (today) would or could have one without the other.