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    Morning Angela,

    Indeed. Tacitus is also considered to have been quite methodical and he had access to all kinds of imperial archives and documents. Along with Pliny, Suetonius and Josephus, we have references to a historical figure of Christ and brief mentions of his followers. This does seem to weigh against the Christ-Myth theory. Nevertheless, these authors were writing after the times and no original manuscripts exist, we have copies of copies – usually penned by Christian monks, so this needs to be considered, too. In fact, Josephus’s writing on Christ and its authenticity has been called into question by some. Nevertheless, we have a small number of non-Christian authors writing not long after the events in question and this would suggest that there was indeed an historical Christ with followers – something which I think most academics and historians these days do accept. On the other hand, these are not eye-witness accounts, nor do they go into much detail, so, from an historian’s point of view, although they seem to confirm a historical figure of Christ, there’s nothing about resurrection, miracles or anything else – that is of course a matter of personal faith and, also, faith in the New Testament writers.