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    If people are buying and using crystals, please make sure that they’re ethically sourced. This was not something I was aware of until quite recently, but I’ve found out that the conditions of the workers and the environmental damage caused by the growing demand for crystals is far from negligible, so I think it’s something we need to know about.

    I’m not sure about the science of crystals or rocks being able to store any kind of energy or have any intrinsic energy of their own and not all crystals transduce, as in the piezoelectrical effect, either. However, I do think that by being in touch with these monuments from so long ago it creates and awe-inspiring connection to our distant ancestors so I prefer to think of it as a power rather than energy, even if that could seem paradoxical. Nevertheless, one interesting fact that is backed up by science is that time is distorted by greater gravity, i.e. it’s slower when there is a greater gravitational effect – Gravitational Redshift effect. Whether our ancestors knew this or perceived this is open to a fair amount of debate given that the effects are so minute that they wouldn’t really make a difference to humans in around the Pyramids or other enormous stone monuments, but it’s certainly food for thought.