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    Due to your answer I was researching the other day about Vaelico and the Vaccei (the tribe who used to live in the place from where I come) and it’s very interesting. Vaelico was worshipped in another tribe, southern from Vaccaei, called Vettones; several votive altars were found being used as building parts in a small church, dedicated to a saint who could cure rabies, in a place called Postoloboso (“wolf post”). Very little is known of the religion of the Vaccei people, but one of the things they did is offering the corpses of dead warriors to vultures, so that they could bring their soul to the Otherworld. And we know from some Romans stories that they would howl and bark in battle to scare their opponents, so a wolf worship seems likely. Here is a video (in Spanish, unfortunately) about Vaccei and the wolf ENTRE EL MIEDO Y LA VENERACIÓN: EL LOBO EN LA MENTALIDAD DE LOS VACCEOS.