Reply To: Poetry, sharing and reading


    Hi! I find your work very interesting, specially the one about the sea.
    So I’d like to compose one myself, right now and right here:

    “I wonder who set the path,
    I wonder who may have run it.
    If there is an aftermath
    to making a home here in Brit.

    Who dwells in the green dusty house?
    Who observes us from the briar field?
    What is to be undone?

    I cheer for the great community,
    but pity for those unlinked.
    We will be calming necessity
    with books and tattoos inked.

    Why are the wolves my brothers?
    Who is the bright lady whose light I stole?
    How are you, great-grandma?

    In trying times just remember
    that resilience is a must.
    It will get you from November
    through a summer that’s everlast.

    What hides in the stone cemetery under the old house?
    When did I become myself?
    Who knows all that happens?”

    The questions are based on dreams I’ve had through the years, some of them scary, weird or meaningful, and some even seemed to be more than mere dreams.

    I hope you like it, it’s been a great practice /|\