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david poole

    I am studying both the BDO course and the OBOD course, I must say that although they both teach Druidry/Bardism at my level there are some distinct differences. I would say that they actually compliment each other due to their different emphases. Edred Thorsson, I have his book on Ogham but I found it was not as deep as other writer’s views on Ogham, there are certainly people who go into much greater depth and historical background. Thorsson might be effective but I might suggest reading more around this subject. Paul Rhys Mountford is good for Ogham so is Karen Cater, Erynn Rowan Laurie is excellent I have read this too I will let you know if I can think of any more. Getting to know the trees is essential for this work and will teach you more than many books. This is interesting information regarding this god, I have never heard of him before. Is Celtiberia connected to the Celts or am I off on the wrong track here?