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Balaam Camp

    So, I went to my local sarsen and lit some candles. Baked some bread and brought some remaining apple juice I had made from the tree I’m tending to. I also grabbed some grass, berries and small bush flowers from the previous site the stone was at before it was moved just over 100yrs ago. Went at about midnight as I would have missed sunrise. Although I’ve been around old traditions since childhood this is the first time I’d given an offering and libation solo to this stone.
    Definitely felt an internal sense of euphoria almost to the point of being overwhelmed, very very unusual for me as I’m normally just chill. On the walk back I heard birdsong as if it were a bright mid-morning, unheard of for 1am. Feeling very blessed and thankful.
    Hope everyone else enjoyed their imbolc celebrations, blessing to you all.