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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    I found a writer on Ancient Paganism John Michael Greer who had this to say:

    “With regard to the accusations against him, that’s not something I’m qualified to assess. I do know that quite literally every time I was around him for more than a minute or so, I got to watch him trying to put the moves on some woman, and I don’t recall ever seeing him take a simple “no” for an answer. The guy was frankly a creep. On the other hand, I never saw him make a play for anyone who wasn’t obviously adult.

    Whatever the truth of that issue, though, on a magical level ADF has probably signed its own death certificate. You don’t turn somebody into a “Beloved Ancestor” and spend a decade making offerings to his spirit, then suddenly turn around and give him the bum’s rush — especially when you’ve made him a central figure in the ritual for ADF’s attempt to create an initiatory tradition.”