Reply To: Just Started The Bardic Course

Linda Lunan

    Hi All,

    I just started a few days ago. I had previously, a few years back, studied and completed the OBOD course – it was when I had to defer my degree course due to the Pandemic that I thought – eeeek what am I going to do without studying … that I started searching for a course. I love Druidry and been a Seashore Druid for many years I searched for courses using Druidry and when I came across and looked at The BDO course I thought it sounded good. So here I am ..

    When I sent one of the excerises in I got a reply via FB saying the fact I mentioned Blue Fox that I had not looked at the updates. So I said I would … I now I realise I do not know where the updates are – I know I am being dim – but could someone show me the way to find this. Thanks in advance… Also looking forward to meeting everyone. Though I am Irish I live in Scotland (and a lot of other places over the years).



    The Seashore Druid