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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    In his Memoir, he mentions that the First Food Staples he had to enjoy when he got to Taber Alberta was Potatoes, Onions and Beef.

    So that reminded me of a Recipe a Past Japanese Roomate used to make that I found quite Delicious and have made many times since.

    Here it is:

    1 Large Potatoes,
    1 Large Onion,
    1 Pound of Beef Hamburger,
    Black Pepper,
    Sea Salt,

    Dice the Potatoes into Large Cubes and set them to Steam in a Steamer.

    Slice up the Onions and then put the Hamburger into a Wok (works better in a Wok than a Frying Pan) and Fry with dashes of Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Garlic and a fair amount of Ginger.

    When the Beef Hamburger is mostly Browned, put in the Onions and stir in order to Sauté the Onions.

    When the Beef Hamburger is finished Sautéing the Onion and the Potatoes have Steamed to the point of becoming Soft, spoon in the Potatoes and mix in the Wok until most of the Potatoes have mixed into the Meat Mixture to the point that there are only small chunks of Potatoe left.

    Makes enough to make a Good Meal for Two.