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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    When I was taking First Aid Training in 2006, I wrote this 3X3 Triad Poem while taking the Course.

    It Goes:

    The First Aid 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition:

    As Well As Providing Care A First Aid Attendant Should:
    – Positively Affect the Outcome of Work Related Injuries,
    – Record Reported Symptoms of Injuries,
    – And Make Decision To Send Worker To Further Medical Aid.

    When Approaching A Site Of An Accident One Must Make A Scene Assessment for:
    – Further Accident Site Hazards,
    – What Is The Mechanism Of The Injury.
    – And determine Number of People Injured.

    After Scene Assessment What Is The Rest Of The Medical Aid Priority Action Approach:
    – Do The Primary Survey,
    – Preform Critical Interventions,
    – And Commense Secondary Survey.


    What To Check For In The Primary Survey:
    – A = Airway Assessment with C-Spine Control,
    – B = Breathing Assessement,
    – C = Circulation Assessment.

    When Assessing Breathing One Checks For:
    – Rate Of Breaths Per Minute,
    – Determine Quality Of The Breaths Effectiveness.
    – And Assess Needs For Critical Respritory Interventions.

    As Well As Checking For Heart Beats One Should Sheck For:
    – Signs Of Circulatory Shock,
    – Check For Massive Bleeding,
    – And Assess Needs For Critical Circulatory Interventions.


    What Is The Common Causes Of Airway Obstruction:
    – Tongue Falling Back In The Throat,
    – Foriegn Bodies,
    – And Throat Tissues Swelling.

    What Are The Three “P”s Of Hermorrhage Control:
    – Apply ‘Pressure’ To The Bleeding with Bandages,
    – Position Patient Supine Putting Patient At Rest,
    – And Position Part” That Is Bleeding To A Elevated Position.

    What To check For When Doing Secondary Survey:
    – Assess Vital Signs,
    – Take Down History Of The Injury,
    – Complete Head To Toe Examination.